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On the day we visited the Stella & Dot offices in San Bruno, California, they had just launched a new version of their website. It was impressive that they managed to handle a TV crew, a new site, and a website launch party (going on in the background here) all on the same day.

These boxes show jewelry in various stages of development. Just before we arrived, some stylists had come to visit and had voted with little pieces of paper on which designs they thought would sell the best. Many scraps of paper meant it was very popular. No scraps meant that the design would probably be scrapped.

Stella & Dot post videos online all the time. When we were in their NY design studio, they had their in-house cameraman shooting a video for the site. We shot them shooting, and they shot us back.

Other boxes show color and style elements for possible future jewelry design. Stay tuned. Bronze and copper may be coming up next.

The Stella & Dot NY design studio is in the Soho neighborhood of Manhattan. Here, one of the jewelry designers works next to a wall of style boards with different looks, themes and ideas, all inspiration for possible future style and color trends.

The jewelry designers seem to have all the beads, jewels, settings, tools, and photo references they need to make any type of jewelry at all.

Stella & Dot also makes handbags. Here they review the color choices for bag linings.

You don’t realize it until suddenly you see one, but chandeliers are very rare in corporate offices. It is interesting how such a simple addition makes the space more cozy and feminine. Stella & Dot’s chandeliers are modest, but they show an attention to detail that is evident in everything they do.