Jonathan Geschwind Slideshow


Andel's is located not far from New York's Long Island Expressway in the East Hills shopping center.

The deli was founded by Jonathan Geschwind's father-in-law, Marvin Erger and his partner Bill Lefkowitz.

It hasn't changed much since then. It's still a neighborhood place.

Every morning the locals gather for breakfast and to watch the stock exchange open.

Their specialty is smoked fish, with over 10 kinds of salmon, including Nova, Imported Scottish Salmon, Baked Salmon, Belly Lox and Sturgeon.

They have fresh sour or 1/2 sour pickles.

Jonathan has known most of the regulars for many years. He doesn't just cater local parties, he's often a guest too.

All the regulars were happy to discuss the markets...and the food.

The deli is not very large. It got a little crowded.

Everyone was taking pictures!