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The offices of Scott Reed's consulting and lobbying firm, Chesapeake Enterprises, are located in Roosevelt House in Washington DC. Originally built in 1885, Theodore Roosevelt and his family lived here from 1891 to 1895.

While he lived here, Roosevelt served on the U.S. Civil Service Commission, where he was dedicated to reforming the patronage system in the awarding of government jobs. In 1895, he left Roosevelt House for NY to become the New York City police commissioner.

Scott Reed started out managing political campaigns. He was the Campaign Manager for Bob Dole's 1996 Presidential campaign.

The Cannon House Office Building, finished in 1908, is the oldest of the three major office buildings used by the House of Representatives.

The balcony of the Cannon House Office Building rotunda is a frequent on-camera location for many news people and elected officials. Congress was not in session on the day we were there, so it was quiet. But normally it would be crowded with camera crews.

Scott Reed uses the skills he learned working on political campaigns to help his clients as a political lobbyist, consultant and in crisis management.