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Jeffrey Katzenberg On the Aurora Shooting

James Holmes, makes first appearance in court.

As theater chains beef up security, Hollywood has taken measures to be sensitive to the tragic Aurora killings— Warner Bros. and the other studios refrained from reporting box office tallies over the weekend.

We caught up with one Hollywood mogul, Jeffrey Katzenberg, to talk about DreamWorks Animation’s deal to buy Classic Media — but we also took the opportunity to ask him about the rampage in Colorado last week.

Katzenberg brings perspective from decades of filmmaking at DreamWorks Animation , and Disney before that.

He says that in the short-term the shootings will be a lingering cloud over moviegoers. Katzenberg went to see “Dark Knight Rises” Sunday afternoon in a Los Angeles theater, acknowledging that like other moviegoers, he couldn’t help but think about the attack that killed 12 people and wounded dozens.

Dreamworks Animation CEO on Colorado Shooting

But over the long term, Katzenberg says he believes that the movie-going experience, as a valued escape, will prevail.

Will we see metal detectors like we do at baseball stadiums?

Katzenberg doesn’t think so, noting how unusual this event was, and saying that “movies and movie-going … will bounce back.”

-By CNBC's Julia Boorstin

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