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8. Serge Dassault, France

Estimated Net Worth: $11.5 billion
Origin of Wealth: Dassault Group, aviation

Serge Dassault is the chairman and CEO of Dassault Group, a group of companies that includes aircraft manufacturer Dassault Aviation and the conservative daily French newspaper Le Figaro. He inherited the group from his father, Marcel Dassault.

A member of France’s conservative Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) party and a former mayor of a Paris suburb, Dassault was outspoken in the recent French election in his support of Nicolas Sarkozy over the Socialist Party's Francois Hollande. A victorious Hollande has refused all interview requests from journalists at Dassault's paper.

This year Dassault aviation scored a massive win over the Eurofighter consortium when its Rafale fighter was selected by India for 126-aircraft procurement in a $10 billion deal.

Photo: Thomas Samson | AFP | Getty Images