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7. Leonardo Del Vecchio, Italy

Estimated Net Worth: $13.6 billion
Origin of Wealth: Luxottica, sunglasses

Leonardo Del Vecchio, Italy’s second richest man, is the founder and chairman of Luxottica Group, a leader in luxury and sports sunglasses. Luxottica owns many well-known brands such as Ray-Ban and Oakley, and has licensing deals with Chanel, Prada, and most of the other large fashion houses. The group owns 7,100 sunglass stores all over the world, including the Sunglass Hut chain.

Born in Milan in 1935 into poverty, Del Vecchio was sent to an orphanage following the death of his father. He began working at a metal works, making spectacle parts, before founding Luxottica in 1961. His success led him to acquire other brands, and to the listing of the company in New York in 1990 and Milan in 2000.

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