Marissa Mayer's Yahoo Fix: Make Yahoo More Cool?

Marissa Mayer
David Paul Morris | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has been on the job for only two weeks, and she is already shaking up the Internet company's routine, but maybe not in ways one might expect.

Mayer is reportedly hooking up employees in Yahoo's Silicon Valley offices with free food and has initiated a weekly Friday afternoon meeting with all employees, according to The Wall Street Journal's All Things D.

She is also revamping the work spaces to make Yahoo "more collaborative and cool," according to the report.

Mayer's effort to shift the company culture may signal that Mayer is trying to make Yahoo more like her former employer, Google .

Google has long been a proponent of company perks like free food for employees, on-site medical services and reimbursement for classes and degree programs.

The search giant Google is also known for the creative and unique design of its workspaces. Google offices in Zurich even have a fire pole for employees to slide down from floor to floor.

No word yet on whether or not Yahoo offices will be getting a fire pole, but maybe Mayer will hook employees up with a slide? We shall see.