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Season 1

Evidence: Identity Theft

Victim: Virginia Dissett

Virginia Dissette (R), wife and mother, was wrongfully arrested after identity thieves stole her wallet and used her ID to cash fraudulent checks. (Source: Virgina Dissette)

The Thief

Convicted identity thief Roberta Corcorran (R), impersonating Virginia Dissette, to fraudulently cash a check. (Source: Denver D.A.)

Roberta Corcorran

Roberta Corcorran was part of the Harley Group and pleaded guilty to identity theft. (Source: Denver Police Department)

The Harley Group

Michael Shrecongost received a 10-year sentence for leading an identity theft ring known as the Harley Group. (Source: Denver Police Department)

Harley Indictment

The Grand Jury Indictment for the People of the State of Colorado vs. participants in the Harley Group, an identity theft ring. (Source: Denver DA)

Tammie Carroll

Tammie Carroll was a meth addict and identity thief who has since gotten sober and cleaned up her life. (Source: Denver Police Department)

The Carroll Family

Tammie Carroll's 3 children were returned to her after she completed court ordered drug rehab. (Source: Tammie Carroll)

The Arrest

CBI Agent Donya Davis handcuffs identity theft suspect Kim Merritt on an outstanding warrant. (Source: Kurtis Productions)

The Confession

Kim Merritt has confessed to identity theft. (Source: Kurtis Productions)

CBI Agent

CBI Agent Kirsten Gregg checks on the suspect's possible warrants. (Source: Kurtis Productions)

Denver D.A.

Denver assistant DA Joe Morales helps uncover and prosecute big rings of identity thieves. (Source: Kurtis Productions)

Identity Theft Victim

A victim of identity theft, Anita Jantz seeks out ID Watchdog to help repair her credit. (Source: Kurtis Productions)

Trace Security

Jim Stickley, co-founder of Trace Security, is hired by corporations to protect employees from identity theft. (Source: Kurtis Productions)