Season 1

Evidence: The Interstate Bank Mart Bandit

Louisville Bank Robbery

Surveillance images of the Interstate Bank Mart Bandit taken during a robbery in Louisville, Kentucky (Source: Louisville Metro Police)

Tennessee Bank Robbery

The Interstate Bank Mart Bandit is charged with robbing 43 banks in six states. These surveillance images show some of the simple disguises he would wear. (Source: Louisville Metro Police)

Cincinnati Bank Robbery

Yet another disguise worn by the Interstate Bank Mart Bandit. This one is taken from surveillance cameras during a Cincinnati bank robbery. (Source: Louisville Metro Police)

Robber's Demand Note

David Brankle would use a demand note, mostly computer typed but on some occasions hand-written, when robbing banks. (Source: Louisville Metro Police)

The Getaway Car

The Interstate Bank Mart Bandit stole a BMW and used it in some of the 43 bank robberies he had committed to serve as a getaway car. (Source: Kurtis Productions)

Lexington Robbery

It was at this bank robbery in Lexington, KY on June 6, 2003 that surveillance cameras capture the Interstate Bank Mart Bandit entering the black BMW via the back seat of the passenger side – this tells investigators he had an accomplice. (Source: Louisville Metro Police)

The Girlfriend & Getaway Driver

Dona Hewins is David Brankle's girlfriend and she when learns of his life as the Interstate Bank Mart Bandit, she decides to join in and serve as his accomplice but never actually robs a bank herself. (Source: Cincinnati FBI)

Dual Life

David Brankle lived a dual life — one with a wife and child and the other with a girlfriend-turned-getaway driver he had met at a topless bar. (Source: Cincinnati FBI)

Document: The Business Venture

The Interstate Bank Mart Bandit creates the moniker "ACR Companies, INC." and called it a division of Vanguard Capital Group. But, ACR is a fictitious company. He used it when he reached into the pockets of Phil and Bonnie Sperry in Bloomington, IN. (Source: Allen Logan and Phil Sperry)

Document: The Deception

Brankle had this building design drawn up for Allen and Becky Logan while claiming to help them develop the amusement park. (Source: Allen Logan)

Document: "Logan’s Great Escape"

David Brankle, a skilled con man, takes great steps to seem professionally sound. This map is a plan for "Logan's Great Escape," the supposed amusement park he was helping the Logan's develop. (Source: Allen Logan)

Document: Fake Letterhead

David Brankle had even created business materials, including this letterhead document, to say he worked as a consultant for "Vanguard Capital Group." While his claims and materials are fictitious, the name of the company isn't, with one such company based in California. (Source: Allen Logan and

Detective Larry Duncan

Louisville Metro Det. Larry Duncan serves as the lead investigator in the hunt for the Interstate Bank Mart Bandit. (Source: Kurtis Productions)

Wanted: The Interstate Bank Mart Bandit

Det. Larry Duncan had used these wanted posters during the investigation with the hopes of gaining information that would lead to the arrest of the IBM Bandit. (Source: Louisville Metro Police)

Evidence: Weapons

Investigators take a look inside the stolen BMW that Brankle had used not only as a getaway vehicle but also as his own personal car. The confiscated evidence includes a 9mm gun with ammunition. (Source: Cincinnati FBI)

Evidence: Disguises

Police find the various disguises Brankle wore during the bank robbieres. (Source: Cincinnati FBI)

Brankle Arrest

David Brankle is arrested on December 31, 2003 in Vincennes, IN. He is the Interstate Bank Mart Bandit. (Source: Louisville Metro Police)