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Getting Directions From Stewie or Your Spouse?

Lost driver with family
Peter Cade | Iconica | Getty Images

This one is for all the men who, like me, love to think they know where they are going without the use of a navigation system and who hate being told they are lost.

A study out of Australia says men use navigation systems more than women.

In fact, the Australian Association for Motor Insurers says 64% of men use Sat Nav compared to just half of the women surveyed.

I’d be curious if that’s the same result you’d get for a similar survey of drivers here in the U.S.?

Even more interesting is the Sat Nav voice Aussies prefer to hear when getting directions. According to the AAMI survey the top three favorites:

  • Morgan Freeman
  • Stewie Griffin from Family Guy
  • Christopher Walken

But wait , it gets better. The three least favorite voices to hear giving directions:

  • Batman
  • Ozzy Osborne
  • Your significant other

I’m not sure what’s funnier, guys wanting to hear Stewie, instead of their wife, tell them to “recalculate.”

So what do you think - let us know in this an unscientific poll.


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