Spotify Now Has Over 15 Million Active Users

Photo by: Jon Aslund

The social music streaming service Spotify has grown to 15 million active users, including 4 million who are paying customers, a company executive said Tuesday.

Ken Parks, chief content officer and managing director of Spotify North America, announced the figures at the Global Business Summit on Creative Content in London.

In January, Spotify said it had 10 million active global users and 3 million paying subscribers, meaning the company gained 5 million active users in a little over six months.  

Spotify, which was founded in 2006, launched its free mobile radio functionality for U.S. Android devices on Monday, a month after it provided the feature for iOS devices. This feature allows users to choose a station based on a genre of music or an artist and selects random songs based on the user's selection.

Spotify offers a free version, which has commercials, or a paid version without commercials. Users who opt to subscribe to the service can opt for a $9.99 plan or a $4.99 plan.

The more expensive plan offers users more features, like an enhanced mobile experience so users can stream whatever they want on their mobile devices.

Subscribers can link their social media accounts with Spotify to share what they are listening to or send playlists to friends.

Spotify launched in the U.S. in July 2011 and released some interesting statisticsaboutits performance in the U.S. on its one year anniversary earlier this month.

The company said that in one year U.S. users streamed more than 13 billion songs and shared almost 28 million songs.