Secret Lives of the Super Rich

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Famous residents

The arts bent among residents began early, with the Steinways of piano-making fame among the first residents, as well as other names less recognizable in modern times, who in turn brought in guests like Tchaikovsky and author Stephen Crane.

Boris Karloff was the first well-known actor to move into the building, in the 1930s. After him came Lillian Gish, Judy Garland (pictured, bottom left), Lauren Bacall and Jack Palance. Musician residents included John and Yoko (pictured, top left), Leonard Bernstein (pictured, top right), Bono, Paul Simon and Rosemary Clooney. Roberta Flack (pictured, bottom right) is Ono’s neighbor on the seventh floor. Media personalities who have lived there include Connie Chung and Maury Povitch, and Rex Reed. Other residents have included writer Harlan Coben and sports figures such as Joe Namath and John Madden.