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Best Olympic Branding Ever?

London Spectators at Olympics
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Who wouldn't like to cash in on the Olympics? There's the official Team USA airline, beer, chemical company (yes, really), and even an official Greek yogurt.

But some companies wanting a tie-in have to overcome ... hurdles … in messaging.

Like Durex, which is the unofficial condom provider at the London games, reportedly giving away150,000 condoms, or 15 per athlete.

If athletes’ braggadocio is to be believed, Durex may need to bring in another truckload. 

So, how does Durex cash in on all the love its showing the games without creating problems? With a clever billboardwhich ties its product to star sprinter Usain Bolt in a most unusual way.

The billboard, posted on Twitterby James Herring of Taylor Herring PR, shows the five Olympic rings surrounding nearly invisible images of Durex products. The tagline says, "Usain, not every man wants to be the fastest in the world." 

Well played, Durex. A billboard so subtle you won't have to explain to your children why you're laughing. That's gold medal branding there.

—By CNBC's Jane Wells

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