Lightning Round

Lightning Round: ARM Holdings, Methanex, ConEd and More


ARM Holdings : Cramer says ARM is good but since it's mainly good because it's a play on Apple , you might as well just buy Apple.

Methanex : He doesn’t like this stock. It may be a good time for commodity makers, but he’d rather go with Dow Chemical and its 4.4 yield instead.

Consolidated Edison : Cramer likes this stock's consistent yield. He thinks it goes higher and amid the changeup from buildings switching from oil to nat gas, he says it's a winner. Plus, there's no environmental risk.

Two Harbors Investment :

Cramer says the stock is okay, but he’s sending you to

Annaly Capital Management

instead, because of its great long-term record.

Cobalt International Energy : Cramer's calling this stock a high-risk, high-reward, speculative energy play. He says it’s in the same class as Magnum Hunter Resources , so if you understand that risk, he’s blessing it. Otherwise, stay away.

US Airways : Since this company could be buying AMR, he will give it the green light for that combination. Otherwise, he doesn’t like airlines right now.

Health Care REIT : There’s plenty left in this stock's tank, Cramer said. With a 4.6 percent yield, he said the company was terrific and the stock was "very underrated."

NVIDIA : If you need to own a spec tech play, Cramer likes this stock because it's been winning a lot of business. It's a great spec play, he said, though he doesn’t want to push people toward semis, since they’re hard to own right now.

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