Just Kidding! T-Mobile Brings Back Unlimited Data Plan

T-Mobile Store in New York City
Bloomberg | Getty Images

Unlimited wireless data is back. After sliding off the menu of cellphone plans, data plans with no caps are making a comeback at smaller cellphone companies trying to compete with AT&T and Verizon .

On Wednesday T-Mobile USA said it will start selling an unlimited-data plan on Sept. 5. It stopped sales of its previous unlimited-data plans early last year.

T-Mobile USA is the country's fourth-largest cellphone carrier, with 33.2 million subscribers.

On Tuesday No. 5 carrier MetroPCS Communications cut the price of its unlimited-data plan from $70 to $55 per month. It includes unlimited texting and calls.

No. 3 carrier Sprint Nextel already has an unlimited-data plan, and credits that with helping it attract customers for its smartphones.