Thai Buddhist Temple: Steve Jobs Is a 'Mid-Level Angel'

Steve Jobs
Getty Images

The late Steve Jobs is now living in a "parallel universe" as a "mid-level angel," a Thai Buddhist temple claims.

According to a report from the Bangkok Post, the temple, named Wat Phra Dhammakaya, made the claim on its website in a post entitled "Where is Steve Jobs?"

The abbot of the temple, named Phrathepyanmahamuni, claimed in the post that the Apple co-founder has been reincarnated as “a half Witthayathorn, half Yak," which apparently translates to Jobs being a mid-level angel. (According to the report, a Witthayathorn is a type of angel that is a seeker of knowledge through the sciences, and a Yak is the Thai word for giant).

According to the Bangkok Post, which originally translated the post, the abbott also said that Jobs is now living in a six floor "heavenly palace" that is located near where Jobs worked when he was alive. Jobs has 20 servants, the abbot said.

Jobs, who was a practicing Buddhist, passed away last year at the age of 56.