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Net Net: Promoting innovation and managing change

The Most Important Washington-Wall Street Party of the Summer

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Forget all those shindigs in the Hamptons. Never mind Nantucket.

Some of the biggest Wall Street and Washington powerbrokers are spending Labor Day this year in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The Fir Creek Ranch, which is owned by Evercore Partners founder and chairman Roger Altman, is hosting the wedding of Alison Fisher, the daughter of Dallas Federal Reserve President Richard Fisher.

The ranch sits at the base of the Teton Mountains. It is a real, working cattle ranch. The views from its grounds are truly breathtaking.

Altman is just about as close as you can get to the center of the matrix of American political and financial power.

He was Assistant Treasury Secretary during the Carter Administration and Deputy Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration. He ran the investment bank of Lehman Brothers and sat on the company’s board. He later ran the M&A advisory business of the Blackstone Group. In 1996, he formed the boutique investment banking and private equity firm, Evercore Partners. Evercore was one of the key advisors to General Motors through its bankruptcy.

You don’t get more connected than that.

But Altman is actually a bit more connected than that. He is also the godfather of Alison Fisher. And her father, as I mentioned earlier, is Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher. Before joining the Fed, Papa Fisher ran the Dallas office of Brown Brothers Harriman. And before that he worked for the firm’s New York office and for the Treasury Department. During the Clinton administration, Fisher was Deputy U.S. Representative. And just before joining the Fed, he spent a few years as vice chairman of a strategic advisory firm headed by Henry Kissinger.

There may also be some holiday star power at the wedding. Alison’s mother, Nancy, is a trustee and director of the American Film Institute. Her brother, Miles, is an actor who has appeared on Gossip Girl, Mad Men, and played the FBI agent interviewing Leonard DiCaprio’s Hoover throughout the film J. Edgar. Oh, and Alison was a classmate of Natalie Portman at Harvard.

Alison is no slouch herself. The brainy blond beauty was a staffer on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee before taking a job as a senior project manager for the AT&T Foundation. One person who knows her described her as “the smartest, nicest gal you’ve ever met.”

Her fiancé is Ware Smith, a recent graduate from SMU’s Cox School of Business MBA program. I couldn’t find out much information about him other than what’s on his LinkedIn page. But he did make this YouTube video about a trip he took with other members of his MBA class to China and Korea.

If you’re so inclined, you can buy the happy couple a wedding gift by clicking on the registry section of their wedding website.

But you probably shouldn’t hope you’ll get an invitation. I’m told by a person familiar with the matrimony that it’s a very small, and very exclusive, event.

- by senior editor John Carney.


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