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BofA Top Analyst: Time to Lock In Profits


Investors should look to take their stock profits and buy protection ahead of short-term headwinds, the head of equities for Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research said Monday on CNBC.

“At this point, we actually think it makes sense for investors to buy some downside protection. Sounds a little odd, and I am optimistic on equities, but I think the near-term risks are a little bit larger than what’s currently priced into the market,” Savita Subramanian said on “Fast Money.”

“If you look at where the VIX is right now it suggests there’s a lot of complacency about the next few months.”

Subramanian said that the S&P 500 is approaching her 1450 year-end target and that the run for stocks is “largely over.”

“I think that active managers should probably try to lock in some of those hard-fought gains for the year, and potentially focus on some of the near-term risk like - as you mentioned - the fiscal cliff, which is something that we don’t necessarily think has really permeated the consciousness of the average investor, or even the average corporation,” she said.

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