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Tea Party Has Been ‘Wildly Successful’: Rep. Bachmann

The main principles of the Tea Party permeate the Republican Party platform and the Republican presidential ticket, Rep. Michele Bachmann told CNBC’s

“It’s really been the Tea Party sensibility that has been weighing in on the party platform,”.

“We feel wildly successful because the three main principles that define the Tea Party — the fact that we believe we’re taxed enough already, that the average American wants the government to spend less than it takes in, and third we want government to follow the Constitution — those three mainstream principles are all part of the Republican Party platform,” Bachmann said. (Read More: .)

The Ron Paul convention delegates should also “take a victory lap” for the influence they’ve had on the party, Bachmann said. “We need to recognize even though we don’t always get what we want, we have advanced our agenda,” she said.

Bachmann added that Republican presidential ticket reflects these Tea Party values, as well. Paul Ryan understands how to get the federal budget to balance, while “has the real-world experience of proving he can be a success story in American business.” (Read More: .)

“You couldn’t have a more powerhouse combination with Romney and Ryan, so we’re all very excited that our principles are behind these two great men,” Bachmann said.