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John Rutledge: China Slowing, Not Collapsing


Economic slowdown in China matters, but it was important not to overstate the decline, Rutledge Capital Chairman John Rutledge told CNBC on Wednesday.

“The fact is it’s growing slower than it was,” he said on “Fast Money.” “It’s not collapsing or crashing, but the rest of the world pretty much is. We’ve got big problems in Europe. The U.S. is growing, but slowly. So China’s the only story in town, but China’s not big enough to drive the entire world’s growth.”

John Rutledge: China Slowing, Not Collapsing

But Chinese economic woes might hurt U.S. exports.

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“Actually, exports from the U.S. to China are up something like 500 percent in the last decade, so it’s a big growth story,” he added. “But China is slowing from numbers like 10 percent a year to this year they’ll be more like 8.”

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