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‘Nothing Warrants’ Facebook for Long Term: Pro

There are few reasons to consider Facebook a buy-and-hold stock, “Fast Money” pro Joe Terranova said Thursday.

“The argument right now for Facebook is that it is now a buy-and-hold stock. It’s a long-term investment, and I completely disagree with that,” he said.

Terranova offered IBM or a consumer staples name as an example of a long-term hold, but not the social media giant.

“There’s no reliable, dependable earnings from Facebook that warrants it being a long-term investment. The sales growth trajectory is peaked. It peaked in middle of 2011,” he said.

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Terranova said CEO Mark Zuckerberg has to show leadership.

“He’s got to come out from under the hoodie,” he said. “He’s either got to be a CEO, or they’ve got to go find one.”

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