Romney-Ryan Missed the Mark on Taxes: Kudlow

CNBC’s Larry Kudlow graded Mitt Romney’s performance at the convention.

And he was anything but easy on the GOP presidential candidate.


Mitt Romney Report Card

Likability: A
Growth Policy: B
Tax Policy: C-
Closing The Gender Gap: A
Jobs Tour: D-
Overall: B


On television, former House Majority Leader Dick Armey and Kevin Brady, (R) Texas; Joint Economic Cmte. Vice Chairman joined Larry and all 3 celebrated Republicans said they were distressed by at least some of the developments in Tampa.

They all believe that the Romney-Ryan team is missing the message on taxes. “Romney needs to say, I’m going to give you lower tax rates,” the panel insists.

And they were also baffled by Paul Ryan's use of the phrase 'tax fairness.' “Ryan doesn’t believe in the left wing idea of tax fairness. That’s an Obama idea,” they all said.

However, Armey argued that as compared to Obama, “Mitt Romney is at least 80% on our side and for common sense. His weaknesses are minimal.”

Overall Armey gave Romney a B+.

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And Brady expressed optimism about Romney's growth policies.

"I think Romney succeeded in expressing his growth agenda,"  Brady said. "I expect to hear a lot more of that into November."

Brady gave Romney at A.

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