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Kudlow: Obama Littered Nation with Broken Promises


I walk this empty street
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams
When the city sleeps
And I'm the only one and I walk alone
- Green Day

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams may not be quite as lonely as the pop song suggests. According to Larry Kudlow, it’s where you’ll find Barack Obama.

In an effort to call attention to those so-called broken promises, The Republican National Committee has launched a new website highlighting what it considers Barack Obama’s worst offenses. Some follow:

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Cut Deficit in Half
“Barack Obama promised he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term.”

One-Term Proposition
“In 2009, Barack Obama promised that if he didn’t have the economy fixed in three years, then his presidency was going to be a one-term presidency.”

The 8% Promise
“Barack Obama promised that his $831 billion stimulus would keep unemployment below 8%.

Housing Program Failure
“Barack Obama promised his housing programs would save up to 9 million families from foreclosure.”

Rising Health Care Costs
“In 2008 Barack Obama promised that his health care plan would bring down premiums by $2500 for the typical family.”

Ronald Reagan Would Have Lifted Recession by Now

On The Kudlow Report, Haley Barbour (R) Former Governor of Mississippi said that these broken promises will likely cost Obama the election. And he added that, “the fact of the matter is Ronald Reagan had to deal with a worse economy. And were he president, he would have lifted America out of its malaise by now.”

As you might imagine, Kasim Reed, (D) Mayor of Atlanta didn’t agree. He said that Barbour had amnesia. “To compare the economy now to Reagan’s term is ridiculous,” Reed insisted. Reagan had a downturn and Barack Obama prevented the nation from entering a second Great Depression.

Click here to go to “Top 10 Obama Failed Promises” as compiled by the Republican National Committee.

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