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Cramer Flags 2 'Terrific' Buying Opportunities

Jim Cramer

In his more than 30 years of investing experience, Jim Cramer has learned that "best of breed" companies might slip up every once and a while, but their stocks always come roaring back.

Trading Best of Breed Stocks

To illustrate his point, the "Mad Money" host pointed to McDonald's, Coach, FedEx and Celegene — all of which he considers "best of breed" for their sector and industry. Cramer said each of these names have reported disappointing data lately, too, prompting their stocks to trade lower. In each case, though, company leaders successfully turned things around. As a result, these stocks have bounced back, even if the overall market struggled.

All things considered, Cramer thinks Allergan and Starbucks represent two terrific buying opportunities right now. Both stocks have retreated lately, but the underlying companies are getting things back on track, Cramer said. He thinks both Allergan and Starbucks are "best in breed" and could be bought at current levels.

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