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UK Parliamentarians to Fly Low Cost in New Deal

Liza Jansen, special for

Low cost airline easyJet said on Tuesday it has struck a deal with U.K. parliamentarians, offering members of parliament low-cost fares in a move which will help the company build its business customer base.

Sean Gallup

The one-year agreement, struck with the company that manages the MPs' travel, appears also to be aimed at cleaning up the image of patliamentarians.

A scandal surrounding MPs expenses angered the nation, with citizens demanding greater transparency and accountability following evidence that several MPs were abusing taxpayer-funded allowances for travel, housing and other costs.

"We believe this new deal will not only help give MPs and Peers easy and affordable travel but will also safeguard the taxpayers’ purse," EasyJet CEO Carolyn McCall said in a statement.

Many MPs, peers and government ministers already fly with the no-frills carrier, but the deal will make flying easier and more cost effective.

The low cost airline is launching the deal as part of the firms’ strategy to increase the number of business travelers flying with the airline. Currently the number of business travelers that fly with easyJet each year is around 9.5 million.

Following the August 2011 London riotswhen Parlaiment was recalled, easyJet flew more than 80 MPs back to the UK. Prime Minister David Cameron took easyJet flights to Spain for a family holiday earlier this year, and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is also known for having boarded the carrier’s bright orange planes.

By Liza Jansen, special for Follow her on twitter @lizajansen.