Apple Pushes Out iOS6 in Wake of Gangbuster iPhone 5 Sales

Getty Images

Apple began rolling out its latest operating system Wednesday, just a few days before its brand new iPhone 5 is scheduled to hit store shelves.

The company's iOS6, the latest version of Apple's operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod, features the company's new mapping system.

In addition to making apps easier to use, it also includes Apple's new Passbook application, which stores electronic versions of admission tickets, and has added new Siri functions. (Read more: With Apple’s Siri, a Romance Gone Sour)

After some initial criticism about the voice activated digital assistant's ability to understand users properly, it has been updated to open apps better. It can also remember previously asked questions, which makes the voice assistant more user friendly.

Siri is now better integrated with Yelp, which is expected to improve Siri's search capability, and can post a user's status update to social media networks likeFacebook and Twitter. (Read more: We Want Yelp to Be the Amazon of Local: CEO)

Facebook appears to be a big winner in Apple's iOS6, as its applications are heavily integrated with the new software platform. Users' can now share a photo to Facebook via their iPhone's Camera or Photo apps, post their location to the social network through Apple's Maps application, and integrate Facebook friends information into contacts.

Last Wednesday, the tech giant unveiled its iPhone 5. Apple said it had two million pre-orders in the first 24 hours the phone was available to order online — double the number of iPhone 4S units it sold during the comparable time frame last year.