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Hot Holiday Toys for 2012

LeapPad2 Manufacturer: Leapfrog (LF)Suggested Price: $99

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Tablet Wars

Meep Kids Tablet (upper left)
Manufacturer: Oregon Scientific
Suggested Price: $149.99

LeapPad2 (upper right)
Manufacturer: Leapfrog (LF)
Suggested Price: $99

Tabeo (lower left)
Manufacturer: Toys ‘R Us
Suggested Price: $149.99

InnoTab 2 Learning App Tablet (lower right)
Manufacturer: VTech
Suggested Price: $79

Last year’s battle between LeapPad and InnoTab has nothing on this year’s rematch. They’re both back with more robust versions, yet this time they have a lot more competition. Several kid-oriented tablets — from Toys ‘R Us’ Tabeo, Techno Source’s Kurio 7, and Oregon Scientific’s Meep Learning Tablet — will be on the shelves as well.

Most of the retailers’ hot toy lists mention LeapPad, as well as one of the Andriod-based tablets.

Products like the Tabeo often highlight that they are more like a tablet a parent would have, and they have the advantage of having parental controls that can be set easily. Meanwhile, products such as LeapFrog and VTech tablets tout their educational software and portfolio of licensed characters. These products also stress that they are good for younger children.

Source: Toys R Us