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How to Be Cool Like James Bond

Aston Martin

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Aston Martins and Other Sexy Cars

Bond’s amazing cars are an iconic contribution to automobile lore. Bond has spent a much of his half-century zooming around perilously high, curvy roads in a variety of makes, but his signature ride is the Aston Martin.

Christie’s is auctioning a 2008 Aston Martin 6 Liter V12 DBS 2-Door Coupe, used by Craig in Quantum of Solace. The car is silver with a black interior and features a 48-valve engine. It’s estimated between $160,000 and $230,000, according to Christie’s.

Aston Martin first appeared in Goldfinger (1964). Other car brands showcased in the films include Lotus Esprits, Bentley, Ford Fairlane, Range Rover and Alfa Romeo, according to Bond Lifestyle,a web site for all things Bond that’s co-owned by Zaritsky. He’s also the site’s chief correspondent.

Photo: Christie’s Images Ltd. 2012