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Replacement Google's NFL Spoof

Everyone's piling on the replacement refs in the NFL. In what may be a sign that we are in the midst of a cultural apocalypse, there's now even an NFL parody of "Call Me Maybe" called "Call It Maybe".

"Through my wishin' well, got a call from Roger Goodell, want to ref the NFL, I said I'm on my way," sings Seth Haake on KFAN.

He continues singing over a series of still photos showing players expressing their displeasure to confused officials, "Hey, I just met you. That play was crazy. What's his number? I'll call it maybe." (Read More: For NFL, Does a Blown Call by Referees Really Matter?)

But perhaps the most hilarious spoof of the series of bad calls is Replacement Google

The "new" Google site — not affiliated with the "real" Google — is "now sponsored by the NFL." The problem with typing in a search request on Replacement Google is that, just like the calls the refs make, the search results on aren't always correct. (Read More: Bad NFL Call: A $1 Billion Mistake?)

I typed in "Iran Nukes" and was directed to a page on "Hologram 2pac tour dates". Type in "Barack Obama", hit "I feel lucky" ... and you end up with search results for turtles. I typed in "NFL" twice. Once I ended up with results for Master Blaster, and a second time I was directed to results for "Movies with Shaq in them." Finally, when I typed in "replacement refs," I got search results for actor Tom Arnold.

The Replacement Google page lists itself as an Erik Johnson production. Johnson (whose name might actually be Erik August) is apparently a web developer having some fun.

He’s also created the time-waster of the day. I can’t stop typing in search requests and laughing at the results. By the way, when I typed in "Jane Wells" on Replacement Google, I got “where to find Shark Attack fruit snacks.”

Hey, if you're going to be led astray, at least this detour leads you to something useful.

—By CNBC's Jane Wells

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