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The 12 Most Overrated Jobs 2012


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They May Seem Dreamy, but ...

It may seem glamorous to be a slick advertising executive like Jon Hamm on the TV show “Mad Men” or like Michael Douglas’s power broker character in the movie “Wall Street.”

But times change and the professions that seemed alluring in the 1980s may not be so glamorous now.

Job listing and advice site has come out with its annual listof the most overrated jobs – and the most underrated jobs.

We’ve all been to a restaurant we’d deem “overrated,” or met that guy in the office we’d call overrated. So what makes a job overrated?

“Poor outlook for future growth, long hours, stress, and a multitude of new candidates entering the industry make it especially challenging to break into many of our overrated careers,” said Tony Lee, publisher of “We find jobs that are perceived as being really great for one reason or another and kind of show -- they’re not as great as you think.”

So, the next time you encounter a woman who boasts, “Well, my son is a ______,” maybe you say, “Hmmm. Not so much.”

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By Cindy Perman
Posted 27 Sept 2012

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