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Gold or Silver - Which Are You Buying?

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Gold wavered on Monday, after posting its strongest quarterly gain in over two years, and looked set to hold fairly firm ahead of a U.S. report on employment later this week.

Gold rose by just over 5 percent last month, its largest monthly percentage gain since January's 11-percent increase, while on a quarterly basis, gold gained 10.6 pct for its biggest quarterly rise since the second quarter of 2010.

September is the month in which gold usually posts its largest monthly gains. On average, over the last 43 years, it has risen some 2 percent in September, against an average loss of 0.3 percent in March, the month of its worst performance.

Meanwhile, the price of silver was last 1.1 percent higher at $34 an ounce.

So which are you buying — gold or silver?

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