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No. 1 Independent Investment Advisor: Diversify


Investors looking to maximize gains through year-end should diversify, diversify, diversify, according to Ric Edelman, the No. 1 independent investment advisor.

“What we’re doing for our clients predominantly is investing in a very extraordinary diversification mode, where across the entire array of the global financial marketplace, 18 different asset classes and market sectors,” he said Monday on CNBC’s “Fast Money.”

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Edelman, who has been the top-ranked independent advisor by Barron’s three times, urged investors to cast a wide net.

“We’re about 45 percent in U.S. stocks, which encompasses the entire range, everything from the Dow to the NASDAQ to everything in between, small- and mid- and large-cap growth and value. We’re using international as about 10 percent of the portfolio, maybe up to 15 percent, and again diversifying across 40 different nations,” he said.

Edelman also said there was very likely value in Europe.

“So, while everybody is complaining about the country du jour, Spain, for example, there are probably some opportunities there because people are very nervous about it,” he said.

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