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Where the Wealthy Wed: One Percent Wedding Venues


8. Odescalchi Castle outside Rome

Perfect for hitching up uniformed personnel, this 15th century Roman castledoubles as a military museum and offers entertainment involving knights and archers.

Price: The flat fee starts at $50,000

Set on the shores of Lake Bracciano, Odescalchi’s Castle was the site for Tom Cruise’s wedding to Katie Holmes and for the wedding of star journalist Christiane Amanpour to former State Department spokesman Jamie Rubin in 1998.

Cruise and Holmes spent $750,000 for exclusive use of the Odelscalchi Castle in 2006, according to Brideuniverse.com. Factor in the fireworks and reception for 150 of Hollywood’s A-list, and the final price tag was closer to $2 million.

Photo: odescalchi.it