How Some Apple Investors Get an Edge—'AAPL Sanity'

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The term "Apple fan" may not do justice in describing the members of AAPL Sanity, a private online investing group that is made up of hundreds of members that are dedicated to Apple and its stock price.

The more than 600 members of the invite-only community are so passionate about Apple, they share every little data point on the tech giant, whose market cap is over $600 billion — and some say could top $1 trillion.

"We have such a great depth of knowledge and information and experience from all walks of life that I think, in analyzing the stock and the company, makes us the envy of most Wall Street firms, I would suppose," Desiree Owen, the co-founder of AAPL Sanity, said Friday on Squawk on the Street. "We look at ourselves as our own boutique firm."

How Apple Changes Lives

Owen, who has owned Apple stock for 20 years, said that she started the private group on InvestorVillage's website because Apple retail investors needed a platform exchange information and ideas about the stock. And by making the group private, it allows members to bond as a group, she said.

David Thall, an AAPL Sanity member, said that membership in the group has given him an edge when it comes to investing in Apple.

"By being a member of this investment group I have access to first-hand information. In fact, I usually get it a lot sooner than people might get it sifting through the analyst blogs and noise out there," Thall said on Thursday on CNBC's Squawk on the Street. "So I'm able to make an informed decision. So as an investment group, its really given me a lot of self-confidence in being able to stick with Apple."