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Spectrum Warriors descend upon Phoenix

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Oct. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Association of Old Crows (AOC) wrapped up its 49th Annual AOC International Symposium and Convention.  Themed "Arming the Spectrum Warrior," the event took place September 23-26, at the Phoenix Convention Center in Phoenix, AZ.  Among the attendees were military personnel from each branch of the US Armed Forces, DOD, and numerous industry partners.  Nearly every rank and manner of uniformed personnel were in attendance.  Attendees and exhibitors from 27 nations traveled around the globe to take part in this essential forum.


The symposium addressed the future capabilities Spectrum Warriors need to do their jobs effectively. AOC President-Elect, Lt Gen Robert Elder Jr., USAF (Ret) said, "Our biggest challenge is to get people to understand that if we don't take steps to make sure we protect the [Electromagnetic] spectrum that we will not have it, and if we don't control the spectrum we will not be able to conduct operations in any domain." Attendees heard from LTG David D. Halverson, USA, Maj Gen Gregory A. Biscone, USAF, Dir, Global Operations, U.S. Strategic Command, and RADM Scott E. Sanders, Reserve Deputy Director, JCW J7, Joint Staff.  They were also enlightened by "outside-the-box" speakers, Dr. Eric Haseltine, Former Director of Research, National Security Agency and Mr. Jeff Jonas, Fellow and Chief Scientist, IBM Analytics Group.

"The convention was a first class, flawlessly executed opportunity for all of the services and representatives of industry and academia to work together towards our common goal of ensuring that the joint force commander maintains his ability to dominate the electromagnetic spectrum," stated session speaker COL Charles "Jim" Ekvall, USA.

Among the topics discussed, a prominent theme was the mentoring of emerging leadership in spectrum warfare - the younger crows.  First-time attendee Kate Haley said, "I learned so much and am really motivated to become a more active member of the Crows and hopefully work to bring in some youngsters."

More than 90 exhibiting companies displayed the latest technologies in Electronic Warfare.  Northrop Grumman served as the convention host sponsor. 

AOC is a non-profit international Electronic Warfare/Information Operations (EW/IO) association which promotes electromagnetic spectrum operations and related activities across military, civilian and commercial applications.  It is the mission of the AOC to advance strategy, policy and programs for EW/IO, and electromagnetic spectrum operations.

SOURCE Association of Old Crows