ZTE urges U.S. probe be broadened, denies ties with China govt

HONG KONG, Oct 8 (Reuters) - ZTE Corpsaid on Monday that the scope of a U.S. committee probe intoChinese telecom equipment makers should be expanded to protectU.S. national security and that it is not directed or controlledby the Chinese government.

"ZTE should not be a focus of this investigation to theexclusion of the much larger Western vendors," ZTE, China'ssecond largest telecom equipment maker, said in a letteraddressed to the U.S. committee.

China's top telecommunications gear makers should be keptfrom the U.S. market because they cannot be trusted to dodgeChinese state influence and thus pose a security threat, theU.S. House of Representatives' Intelligence Committee leaderssaid in a draft of a report to be released Monday.

(Reporting by Lee Chyen Yee; Editing by Anne Marie Roantree)


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