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ACLS Certification Institute Offers Online ACLS Classes and Certification

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The ACLS Certification Institute offers several online resources for studying the Advanced Cardiac Life Support exam, including online ACLS classes and practice tests. Applicants can also take the ACLS exam online and receive a printable ACLS certification certificate that is recognized nationwide.

The American Heart Association ACLS certification is a condition of employment for health professionals that work in emergency settings. The skills covered on the ACLS exam include techniques for treating patients suffering from cardiac arrest, stroke, and other emergency situations related to the heart and cardiovascular system. These skills include IV injections, reading EKGs, and other related skills. Because emergency personnel must be prepared for any situation and does not have the luxury of time to look up a treatment method, they must be able to recall the relevant information instantly when they are on the job. As a result, the ACLS test is difficult and covers a wide range of topics and situations.

The ACLS Certification Institute offers ACLS online classes designed to help new health professionals seeking their first ACLS certification as well as seasoned professionals seeking recertification. This course features online training materials that were approved by American Heart Association-trained physicians. Because the course is online, an applicant can study at his or her own pace and take the final ACLS exam when they feel they are ready. There is no time limit for access to the course or study materials, and there are no required class meetings.  Visit for more information.

These online courses feature a wealth of online support materials, including an ACLS practice test designed to familiarize students with the exam subject matter and style of questions. This practice test draws from a large bank of test questions, so the test is never exactly the same. The variety of questions allows the student to take the practice test over and over and learn something new each time. In addition, taking an ACLS practice exam allows students to identify areas where they are weak, so they can go back and study these areas further before they attempt the official ACLS exam. 

Health professionals can participate in the ACLS Certification Institute online course and access the test materials by visiting the ACLS Certification institute website at, or by calling 1-800-448-2078. 

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