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AirTyme Leverages Expertise Of New Management To Launch New Capabilities For The Mobile Ecosystem

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- This week, AirTyme Communications, LLC ("AirTyme") unveiled a new suite of services that dramatically expands the solutions it provides to mobile carriers and technology manufacturers worldwide.  Led by Philip Christopher, the wireless device company has recreated itself through the addition of an entirely new management team. AirTyme can manage wireless device logistics end-to-end: from device concept to the increasingly important recycling programs.  

AirTyme, in the process of obtaining its minority-owned certification, is the one-stop provider for mobile carriers and wireless technology manufacturers seeking full device lifecycle management. This new approach expands forward and reverse logistics to include marketing, fulfillment, inventory management and more for carriers, manufacturers and suppliers.  

AirTyme's unparalleled team of industry veterans averages over 20 years of experience in the wireless devices and services sector, and collectively is responsible for such critical and game-changing mobile industry milestones as the first installed car phones, the first tri-mode CDMA phone, the first domestic mass-market wireless home phone device, the first pocket PC with voice and the first AWS-enabled phones.

Equipped with that new level of industry expertise, AirTyme is uniquely positioned to expand the reach of its services to a broad range of carriers, manufacturers and suppliers throughout the global mobile ecosystem.

"With the dramatic expansion of services to an already successful reverse logistics business, we will offer the marketplace one source to handle all of their device management needs—lowering their total cost of ownership and managing the full product life cycle for our customers," said Philip Christopher, president and CEO of AirTyme.

In addition to services such as forward and reverse logistics, carrier sales and support, product packaging and labeling, and inventory and supply chain management, AirTyme now offers warehousing, distribution, field testing, software and firmware updates, shipment tracking, kitting and packaging, carrier shipping and compliance and drop shipping.  AirTyme accomplishes all that through its state-of-the-art, 50,000-sq. ft. facility in Ronkonkoma, N.Y., which provides the capacity to service hundreds of thousands of units per month.

AirTyme is now capable of taking a product through the entire product life cycle and keeping all of those services in-house—from sourcing products, importing them for sale domestically or internationally, and providing customs clearance for manufacturers.  The company also manages inventory for carriers and provides sales and marketing support to ensure the product sells through the channels of distribution.  Post-sale, AirTyme manages all warranty, repairs, refurbishment, field replacement units and certified pre-owned programs to ensure carriers and manufacturers get the most out of their product investments. 

"With this new level of experience and knowledge in place, we are essentially re-launching the company, and rolling out the industry's most comprehensive set of offerings to carriers and manufacturers around the globe.  Our programs lower the total cost of ownership and provide the greatest value for carriers, manufacturers and their customers," Christopher said.  "Our expertise and the services we provide help heighten awareness of our customer's business, while increasing their return on investment and allowing them to focus on their core business strengths."

About AirTyme Communications

AirTyme Communications, LLC, with more than 400 employees domestically, provides a revolutionary end-to-end solution for carriers' and manufacturers' products with a comprehensive offering of value-added services.  The company manages the full product life cycle of wireless devices as well as providing forward and reverse logistics services to the wireless industry.

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