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Archie Europe Studies CRM Opportunities for the Google Glass Project

PURMEREND, The Netherlands--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Archie Europe, supplier of CRM software for relationship management, sales, and marketing, is researching the possibilities of connecting the Google Glass glasses, a head-mounted display, to its software.

While Google Glass is primarily being positioned as a consumer product, van Bommel, CEO Archie Europe, sees definite business potential for the project, e.g. in security and face recognition. The business users will mainly be people engaged in face-to-face relationships.

Archie Europe is investigating the possibilities for the Google Glass Project, looking into how the glasses can be used to query the Archie CRM database. This could provide a serious advantage at conferences and networking events, where the crowd could be “scanned” and interaction limited to serious parties. Through the glasses and the link with the CRM database, the wheat will be shifted from the chaff automatically. After all, a discussion with a corporate decision-maker is more important than spending time and attention on the wrong person.

The glasses would naturally have to be taken off during the conversation itself, since the technology behind it could create an unnatural distance. People shouldn’t feel like they’re going through an airport security scanner. It’s still vital to have a spontaneous and genuine relationship. It’s just like wearing sunglasses, Archie’s CEO says: “you put them on when the occasion calls for it”. To his knowledge, no other CRM providers are currently investigating this development.

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