Press Releases Now Provides Legal Assistance with FTA Warrants

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Almost all drivers throughout Southern California will find themselves facing some traffic violation in their lifetime. From minor issues with registration to overwhelming moving violations, these charges must be quickly addressed in order to avoid ongoing fees, fines, and other penalties. When drivers fail to take action, they may be issued a FTA warrant, one of the most severe legal situations that anyone can ever be placed in. This is why the legal experts at are now providing legal assistance for all drivers that have recently been issued FTA warrants.

In many situations, a driver will find themselves with an FTA warrant if they have recently received speeding tickets, red light tickets, or any other moving violations in which they were given a court date. During a traffic stop, the driver will often have to sign the bottom of their ticket. While this signature is not an admission of guilt, it is a legal contract that the driver will show up for their court date. If drivers fail to do so, they will be under threat of penalties that could follow them for years on end.

The team of legal experts from have taken a unique approach to traffic tickets, helping countless drivers avoid the overwhelming penalties that can come along with all stop sign tickets, carpool violations, cell phone violations, and all other misdemeanors and infractions. Instead of taking trip after trip to the DMV, the law office, or the courthouse, drivers can simply contact for the quick and affordable legal representation that they deserve. Their experienced traffic ticket lawyers will then file all of the proper paperwork and develop an airtight case that will reduce or completely remove all penalties.

For those that fail to seek out legal assistance after an FTA warrant has been issued, every time that they step out the door they will be under threat of being taken into custody. Without an attorney from, they can also expect fines and fees that could cost them thousands of dollars over the course of five years or longer, affecting every aspect of their life.

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