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Chrome Shop Mafia's Guilty By Association Truck Show Awes Joplin, Smashes Records

JOPLIN, Mo., Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The morning of Friday, September 28 swept over Joplin, Missouri with the buzz of excitement.  The day marked the beginning of the fourth annual Guilty By Association Truck Show – a midwest, grassroots truck showcase and festival that would span through Saturday.

The event was set into motion only a few short years ago by local celebrities, 4-State Trucks (also known by their alter-ego, Chrome Shop Mafia), and has grown so much in that time as to become nearly unrecognizable.  The weekend drew over 8,000 attendees from all over the country, a showcase of over 250 show trucks hailing from every corner of the nation, and a record-breaking convoy to benefit the Special Olympics.

"This event is all about the trucking community," Bryan Martin explained.  "It's free to get in and the truck showcase is open to any heavy truck owner.  All the concerts, fireworks, and kid stuff are open to the public.  We just want as many people as possible to come out and have a good time."

Of particular note was the success of a fan favorite event, the tractor pull.  The event featured tractor pull champion, LD Nation, who employed 10,000 horsepower over four engines for his pull.  The explosive roar from that much motor power was so deafening that it managed to short out the entire speaker system.  While the sound technicians were less than pleased, the crowd showed nothing but enthusiasm and approval for the monstrous noise.

Over 60 Special Olympics athletes attended the show to participate in the charity convoy, each riding in a big rig as the line made its way around.  These talented kids, bursting with enthusiasm and charm, inspired the crowd enough to rake in an impressive $25,000 for the Special Olympics charity fund.

While 4-State sees nothing in the future for this show but continued growth and quality, the trucking industry looks on with excitement to see a local, family-run show inching its way toward noteworthy attendance, energy and building the tradition of a yearly event that the entire community looks forward to.

SOURCE Chrome Shop Mafia