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Clockwork Supports Aberdeen's Research Survey "The Convergence of People and Parts"

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Clockwork, a global leader of asset performance management solutions (APM), announced today support of Aberdeen Group's Service Management team in conducting a research survey, the Convergence of People and Parts, to explore the challenges and necessary capabilities needed to integrate the field service operations with parts management.


"We strive to bring valuable analysis and trends to the marketplace in understanding key initiatives in managing operations," said Aly Pinder, Senior Research Associate, Strategic Service Management at Aberdeen. "By working with organizations such as Clockwork we are able to access a broader service executive base to include data points in our research from some of the most complex service and parts operations in the world."

Aberdeen will provide participants with a complimentary copy of the resulting benchmark report, which will be available in early November 2012. Individual responses will be kept strictly confidential, and data will only be used in aggregate. This research effort is perfect for those interested in:

  • Benchmarking your organization against your peers,
  • Learning the best practices of Best-in-Class service organizations,
  • Understanding the technologies that enable top performance in integrating field service with parts management.

"Our participation in the promotion of this research survey will support Aberdeen's vision of delivering market trending and best practice data which can enable us to determine product requirements and future features to meet the needs of the market," said Sean Connors, President and CEO of Clockwork. "Our customers have been using predictive analytics for understanding service and maintenance forecasting for years so their input will provide great data points for others to benchmark themselves."

Please click on the link below in order to participate in Aberdeen's Convergence of People and Parts survey:

About Aberdeen: Aberdeen conducts primary research studies from a pool of over 500,000 panel participants. The results of each research survey are indexed and tabulated using a proprietary analytical framework, which provides a solid basis for deriving fact-based analysis and findings. Aberdeen's research provides specific insight by industry sector, company size, and geography, as well as by job role, business process and technology. To read more about Aberdeen visit

About Clockwork: Clockwork is a global leader of Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions that improve availability and reduce repair parts inventory and maintenance costs of capital intensive assets. The company has years of experience serving the needs of the Aerospace and Defense, Energy, Heavy Machinery and Transportation industries by providing cutting edge solutions to help analyze their data, giving them visibility to each phase of an asset's life cycle, resulting in billions worth of savings. For more information visit or email

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