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Coastline Private Investigations launches detective service, which allows job seekers to determine if their former employer is bad mouthing them to potential employers.

LA HABRA, Calif., Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Millions of Americans are out of work and are busy pounding the pavement looking for employment. They are polishing their resumes, networking and interviewing for every appropriate position.

And yet, the phone never rings. The job seeker may have been a perfect fit, nailed the interview and done everything in their power to land that job. Unfortunately, the lack of a job offer may not have had anything to do with a job seeker's ability, education, experience or job interview. The truth is that many times a job is not forthcoming because of what a former employer said about the job seeker.

"If a job seeker was a good employee, perhaps their former employer did not want to see them leave and are resentful. We have become a society hard pressed to give others praise, even if well deserved," said Sam Andreano, partner at Coastline Private Investigations. "However, what is even more problematic is the fact that some people will go out of their way to disparage a former employee for no good reason at all."

Coastline Private Investigations offers a reference check service which documents the responses made by former employers and summarizes the information in a report, which can be used if further action is warranted.

"If a job seeker is slandered by a former employer, this could easily give rise to a slander lawsuit," said Andreano. "The important thing to remember is that before you proceed to court, you want to make sure that the statements made about you were obtained legally by an appropriate professional.  Investigations done by those other than licensed private investigators can easily be thrown out by a court of law and may even be illegal, such as those done in California."

Job seekers who are concerned about what their former employers are saying when called for a reference can order a reference investigation for $29.00 per reference. To find out more, please visit

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