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CogniFit Launches new Tennis Focus Brain Training Application

NEW YORK, Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- CogniFit, a leading developer of online brain training and cognitive programs announces the release of a new cognitive training application "Tennis Focus" to its online platform. The tasks of the Tennis Focus application are developed in 3D, train a large variety of cognitive skills such as focus, visual perception, visual scanning and eye-hand coordination.

The CogniFit brain fitness platform offers a number of applications covering a large range of important cognitive domains such as memory, concentration and coordination. The website is available in 7 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Brazilian and Portuguese.

By constantly increasing the number of tasks available on the free CogniFit platform, individuals can continually assess and train their cognition on a wide variety of cognitive abilities. The CogniFit patented Individualized Training System ensures that users get an optimal brain training based on their current cognitive state and installed applications. Users have a complete flexibility to decide which areas of their cognition they want to train on.

Vicente Beneitez, Lead Developer on the Tennis Focus application at CogniFit, explains: "we always aim to balance the need for creating new engaging and visually stunning tasks with the latest 3D technology available online while making sure our tasks are effectively training the cognitive abilities of individuals. In CogniFit, we understand the importance of being able to combine both."

Research has demonstrated that training cognitive skills can lead to valuable mental health benefits for individuals for a large variety of daily needs. In today's society, keeping a brain in top shape for a longer period of time has become critical.

The CogniFit platform is free to use and users can add specific application to their training for as low as $4.99.

About CogniFit

CogniFit ( is a leading developer of online cognitive programs that enable people to discover and improve themselves.

Founded in 1999, CogniFit has developed a unique and patented technology that allows consumers to assess and train their cognitive skills and abilities to improve their quality of life. CogniFit is headquartered in New York City with branches in Spain and Israel.

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