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Coooee Security App Establishes Secure Communication Channel and Tracking Services for Local and International Travelers

ADELAIDE, Australia, Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- It's easier than ever to let friends and loved ones know where you are in real time when traveling. The new Coooee Security app includes a security tracking feature that automatically uploads location information to the Coooee website ( In case of emergency, the SOS feature sends out a preprogrammed text message to a selected mobile phone anywhere in the world. In addition to these potentially life-saving features, Coooee offers much more, including a commitment to injured military personnel and their families across the globe. is more than security tracking. Standard utilities include a weather updater, currency convertor and flight status dashboard. Users can create an online itinerary of flight schedules, hotels and daily agendas, which guest users can see online. Approved third-party guests can also communicate with the user via the message board. The message boards are entirely confidential and secure. When even more privacy is required, a secure person-to-person messaging system is available on the website. subscribers have total control over who can track their location, communicate via message boards and receive itinerary updates. Users simply extend guest privileges to selected friends, family or associates. Beyond that, users can manage each guest's level of access to specific features of the website.

A lost or stolen wallet can be disastrous, but even helps solve cash flow problems. At the user's request, the emergency money feature of the app sends up to $1,000 via Western Union anywhere in the world. Should Western Union be unavailable, will endeavor to find a suitable alternative. all but eliminates the need for hard copies of paperwork. A high-security digital vault safely stores important documents, such as passports and licenses. Storage space ranges from 250 MB to 2 GB, depending on the membership plan.

The Coooee Security app isn't just for vacationers. The tracking service also makes this an ideal app for:

  • School children
  • Hikers and climbers
  • Elderly care
  • Business travel
  • Holiday events
  • Police/Security/Military

Affordable subscriptions to the Coooee service are available in 1-year, 2-year or lifetime plans. Users can designate a portion of their fee (up to 35%) as a gift to support injured military personnel and their families in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom or the United States. The Coooee Security app is available immediately, free of charge, for the iPhone. Applications for other Smartphones including Android are currently under development.

About Coooee

The team has more than 30 years' experience in security, police and military intelligence. We recognized the need for an independent and user-controlled system for security and communication that allows for a permanent link to friends and family. Our solution combines low cost with a comprehensive range of services, from information protection to emergency services.


Peter Clarke
Managing Director
Phone:  618 8269-3300

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