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Enterprise AppZone Extends Mobile App Management with Web, HTML5 and Desktop Applications

Over 130 Companies Signed-up for Enterprise AppZone Since May 2012 Launch

MORGAN HILL, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Partnerpedia continues to chart the course for mobile app management and the BYOD trend with the announcement that it has added web, HTML5 and desktop application support to its Enterprise AppZone SaaS offering. This marks the only self-service enterprise app store solution with the ability to manage a broad range of applications, providing IT and mobile administrators with the tools to enable greater access to enterprise apps for field operations, service delivery and user productivity on any endpoint.

Enterprise AppZone is right on track. According to the February 2012 Gartner report, Enterprise App Stores Reduce Risk and Improve Business Results, by Ian Finley, organizations are advised to “Move to an app store model for all applications (PC and Mobile) and cloud services to help automate software asset management and reduce administration costs.”

The need for a broad range of functionality is represented across multiple industries such as education, energy, media, manufacturing and retail. More than 130 such companies, from SMBs to enterprises, have signed up, with over 50 percent coming from outside of North America. This includes the regions of Asia Pacific with 30 percent, EMEA with 23 percent, and Latin America with seven percent.

Enterprise AppZone in Action:

With this functionality, Enterprise AppZone enables access to information anytime, anywhere, providing benefits that extend beyond mobile apps and across all enterprise applications.

  • Enterprise App Distribution – While mobile is top-of-mind with many IT organizations, enterprises are looking broader than simply mobile apps and devices. The ability to distribute and track all enterprise apps whether mobile, web or desktop across multiple endpoints is an essential requirement of enterprise app store solutions.
  • Managing App Licenses – Organizations using public funds, such as K-12 schools, to purchase mobile apps need to audit and track the app licenses. Enterprise AppZone provides organizations with the mechanism to distribute, manage and track app licenses, which is a key requirement of mobile programs for these organizations.
  • BYOD Policy – When it comes to BYOD, companies are dealing with the challenges of maintaining control while avoiding privacy and liability issues that can arise when it comes to employee and contractor owned devices. Enterprise AppZone is ideal since it is extremely easy to manage, offers end-users a simple app store experience, and avoids privacy concerns by keeping corporate controls and policies out of personal profiles on the device.

“The rapid growth of Enterprise AppZone customers is evidence that companies see the value of an app store model and how it can change the way businesses distribute and manage not only mobile apps, but also apps across the entire enterprise,” said Mark Sochan, CEO of Partnerpedia. “Enterprise AppZone is an easy-to-use, self-service offering that significantly eases adoption for companies interested in setting up a private corporate app store.”

Partnerpedia will demonstrate customer use cases for Enterprise AppZone at the Gartner Symposium ITxpo event being held on October 22 in the Dolphin Hotel in Orlando. Visit booth #344.

The Enterprise AppZone, by Partnerpedia:

The Enterprise AppZone provides two types of services: a self-service SaaS offering to allow corporate IT to set up an internal app store to distribute applications to employees, partners and customers; and a private-label offering for vendor companies that wish to deploy an external, customer-facing application marketplace around their brand.

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