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Fastlane Ventures Announces the Launch of IQcard — a New Company Providing Russian Consumers with a New Concept in Finance Management

MOSCOW--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Fastlane Ventures, a leading developer of online companies in Russia and one of the largest investors in the Russian internet sector, has announced the launch of IQcard, a new company set up to capture the growing demand for hassle free and secure finance management products.

IQcard is a prepaid bankcard service operating on the MasterCard platform and supported by major Russian SB Bank, that, for the first time in Russia, gives private and business consumers an integrated, effective and transparent way to manage finances and expenses as well as offering all benefits of major loyalty programme.

IQcard has a number of unique features including software integrated into the online banking interface that enables consumers to monitor and analyze spending habits, quickly transfer money to other IQcard owners which makes it a great finance tool for traveling, as well as manage features like parental control providing parents with a unique opportunity to supervise transactions of their children.

Commenting on the official start of operations, Ekaterina Konovalova, CEO of IQcard said: “We wanted to create a product that allows Russian customers to feel secure and protected when using their card. Our prepaid card allows people to have a safe and convenient way to make purchases and manage finances both online and offline. Many Russians are still very careful about sharing personal information and using credit cards on the Internet, but with IQcard this becomes stress-free. The detailed research and planning for the launch of IQcard has allowed us to deliver a new product that we believe very clearly addresses many of the barriers to online finance in Russia.”

IQcard is another project launched by Fastlane Ventures which is pioneering the development of new online solutions as customer behavior and experience in the internet continues to be one of the fastest-growing segments of Russia’s consumer market.

Marina Treshchova, CEO of Fastlane Ventures, commented: “We are very pleased to announce the launch of IQcard and believe that this is an excellent addition to our portfolio. The market for prepaid cards is not well developed and whether using a card online or offline the process can be very stressful for many. We know that people are looking for an alternative to their bankcards that will allow them to effectively plan their spending and have a single card that will fulfill all their needs. This provides the momentum to launch IQcard.”

The IQcard website was launched recently ( It provides all relevant information about the product and a simple online application procedure. The website also details the multiple options for use – secure money transfers locally or internationally, easy online purchases, payroll and salary management, and even parental control of children’s spending, plus instant loan solutions.

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