GM to hire thousands of computer professionals

The Associated Press

BIG CHANGE: General Motors is setting up four technology innovation centers in the U.S. and plans to hire 10,000 computer specialists over the next three-to-five years. The company wants to develop its own cutting-edge technology, which experts say is essential to staying ahead of the competition. Now the company hires outside firms for most of its software development and other computer work.

THE NEWS: GM announced on Monday that one of the centers would be in the Detroit suburb of Warren, Mich., on the site of its Technical Center. The company plans to hire 1,500 computer specialists in about four years to staff the center. Last month, GM said it would hire 500 computer workers at a site in Austin, Texas.

WHAT'S NEXT: The company wouldn't comment on the other two sites, but experts say they most likely will go on the West Coast, in California, Oregon or Washington.