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Invisible Fence® Brand Introduces Pet Access Solutions

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Invisible Fence® Brand, the company that invented electronic pet containment nearly 40 years ago, continues to pioneer pet solutions and announces the launch of the Doorman™ programmable electronic pet door.

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This wireless door gives pets the freedom to safely exit and enter their home, while specific security features and automatic locking ensure no unwanted visitors. When the pet approaches the door, it automatically unlocks, allowing them to come and go.

"The Doorman™ is designed to work for both cats and dogs, like all of the Invisible Fence® Brand solutions, and can be personally customized to provide different access for different pets, unlocking for the dog but not the cat, for instance," said Albert Lee, Director of Invisible Fence® Brand and head engineer for the Doorman™.

In addition to the conveniences having a pet door, Doorman™ can also help address behavior and anxiety issues that may occur with some pets.

"Our pet door helps with pets that may scratch doors or chew furniture due to separation anxiety, and also gives your pet entrance to your house or garage in bad weather," said Invisible Fence® Brand's Pet Training Manager, Brian Atkison. "All of our products make the pet's life and also our customer's life easier. No more having to open and close doors to let your pets in or out and no more early morning and late night wake up calls."

Features of the Doorman include automatic locks to keep other animals out, programmable settings to lock or unlock day and night, insulation and durable flaps to keep out the elements, and is also paintable and designed to attractively and seamlessly blend into your home environment. The professional-grade construction ensures durability, superior insulation, and a perfect fit.

Lee and his team of engineers designed the Doorman™ to work seamlessly with the other Invisible Fence® Brand products for containment and avoidance to provide a total pet solution for the household. "With the one Computer Collar® a pet can go in and out as he pleases while still staying safely contained in the yard and out of areas inside and outside where he is not allowed."

Doorman™ programmable pet doors are sold and professionally installed exclusively by Invisible Fence® Brand dealers who are specifically trained to custom-fit your home and your pet with the Doorman™.

Invisible Fence® Brand pet containment, avoidance, and access solutions are produced by Radio Systems Corporation and have been trusted for nearly four decades and have safely contained over 2 million pets.  Headquartered in Knoxville, Tenn., Invisible Fence® Brand is sold nationwide by professional dealers who offer Perfect Start™ Pet Training and custom installation resulting in the best performance of the system and creating an environment of both safety and freedom for pets. For more information, visit

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