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LOGIC Technology Introduces Power Series Line

LIVINGSTON, N.J., Oct. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- LOGIC Technology today announced the introduction of its collection of rechargeable electronic cigarettes, the LOGIC Power Series.  Offering the superior product quality LOGIC users have come to expect from the leading provider of premium disposable e-cigarettes, the brand is thrilled to answer customer demand with the addition of the rechargeable Power Series to its expansive collection.

The LOGIC Power Series is made with the brand's same premium, three-times distilled oils used in the rechargeable model, producing the rich flavor of a tobacco while eliminating the thousands of toxins present in a traditional cigarette.  Available in three nicotine strengths - Platinum (2.4%), Black (1.8%) and ZERO (0.1%) - the Power Series starter kit is available for $19.99. The starter kit includes one menthol and one rich tobacco cartomizer, one USB charger and one powerful 300 mah battery which vaporizes four to five times faster than standard industry models, resulting in an easy draw with a thick vapor exhale.

"Due to taxes, the price of traditional cigarettes varies greatly by state.  With LOGIC Disposable and LOGIC Power Series in the market, smokers nationwide can choose the LOGIC product that is best and most affordable for them," said Eli Alelov, CEO of LOGIC Technology.  "By answering consumer demand for a longer-lasting product without sacrificing quality, the Power Series will increase LOGIC's market share in the smoking alternative products category."

LOGIC will also retail refill packages containing five cartomizers for $19.99 each.  Each cartomizer equals two packs of traditional cigarettes, making the LOGIC cartomizer refill equivalent to a carton of cigarettes and offering consumers a large savings and a smarter way to smoke.

The LOGIC Power Series is available at convenience stores nationwide, including more than 1,700 Kangaroo Express stores.   For more information about LOGIC Technology, visit  

About LOGIC Technology
LOGIC is the leader in premium disposable electronic cigarettes, offering a smarter alternative to smoking tobacco products. With multiple industry leading patents, LOGIC sets itself apart by featuring revolutionary technology that delivers the most realistic smoking experience.  Simulating the feeling and taste of a real cigarette, LOGIC provides a sensory experience that satisfies a smoker's addictive cravings for the nicotine, tobacco flavor, hand to mouth motion and vapor release, while avoiding 4,000 toxins that are in cigarettes.